Life Travel – “A 28 Day Health & Fitness Journey…”

My 28 Day Program Journal...the writer in me loves this stuff!

Lone Tree, CO I don’t like making excuses, BUT…I realized last week that’s exactly what I’ve been doing with regard to my health & fitness regimen!  What used to be a staple in my life every day has now become a random, at best, activity.  So, the Universe brought me someone new and thanks to [...]

Life Travel – “Temporarily Out of Service”

Feelin the pain buddy!

Lone Tree, Colorado, La Mia Casa Sick. As a dog! One horrible month of sick. After a sinus infection, bronchitis, condocondritus, and a wicked virus I can’t pronounce let alone spell, I have been through three rounds of antibiotics, four visits to my doctor, anti-inflamatories, Physical Therapy appointments, x-rays, a CAT scan and an ultrasound, [...]