Props Go To…Christina & Natasha, Billy Bones Pool Bar’s Best!

Natasha & Christina...they rock Billy Bones Pool Bar!  (OK, gentlemen, stop drooling now!)

Traveling is a lot about making memories, don’t you agree?  Well, lots of memories were made when I took my two grown (but not yet old enough to drink legally in the US) kids to Grand Cayman (where they were old enough to drink legally.)  The absolute best thing about our resort was that it [...]

Props Go To…Phil Long

With my good friend Phil Long

For the past 15 years, Phil Long – the managing partner and the draw at The Red Lion in Vail, Colorado – has always gone above and beyond the call of duty. In my prior life, as a marketing person for our family business, we ran a conference in Vail for the newspaper industry.  And [...]

Props Go To…Milt Swope

With "Dad" in Holland

I can blame him for doing this to me, but really he deserves all the credit in the world! Milt Swope, CEO of Swope Travel Consultants Ltd., helped get me started on the path to the birth of this brand and my life’s passion.  I met Milt on my first ever solo vacation and cruise [...]

Props Go To…Sam Adams

My friend Sam

Drumroll please…and a big round of applause to SAM ADAMS! Sam is a funny, up-and-coming comedian on the Comedy Works circuit here in Denver as well as across the country.  I met Sam one night at Comedy Works South.  He had opened for the headliner that night, and I found him to be the funniest [...]