PLOG – Can You Guess?

Do you know where this is?

Quiz time!  Put your pencils away and put on your thinking caps!  Where do you think this picture was taken?   A few clues – this area of the world is known not for its mass transportation but for its cycling obsession.  Another clue – check out the street.  And your last clue – I [...]

PLOG – “Proud Patriots”

Was proud to be here

9/11…as Americans we can all remember where we were, what we were doing and what we felt when our country was so brutally attacked.  Our patriotism was suddenly on display again, united and determined.  We have a lot of patriotic symbols and places in this country of ours…one of my favorites is the 9/11 Memorial [...]

PLOG – “Crazy Tourist Scams!”


Look and Learn…as my friend Evonne said, we were “dumbasses” after this folly at the Coliseum in Rome, Italy.  These charming, assertive, energetic (Italian salesmen!) “Gladiators” offered to take our pictures with them in their garb as a memory of our trip to one of Rome’s most famous locations.  Naively we handed over our cameras [...]

PLOG – “I fell in love…not with a who, but a where!”

Positano Street, Italy

    I fell in love in Italy.  Yea, yea, yea…I know – all those sexy Italian men!  Wrong!  I fell in love with a place – a beautiful, captivating, charming, sexy place.  In the middle of the Amalfi Coast is a little town built into the side of a mountain.  Positano.  It was love [...]

PLOG – “Facing Fears”

One more, for good measure...that's me upside down!

We all have fears…it’s part of being human.  One of mine is a fear of heights, so I did something I thought I would never do.  I climbed a 40+ foot pole and stepped off the platform and zip-lined to a new understanding.  I learned not only that overcoming my fear is a process – [...]

PLOG – “Traveling Friends”

Mike & James in Santorini

    My high school friends, Mike Alvarez and James Acomb, in Santorini, Greece.  Thanks for sending in the great picture James! I’ve traveled with family, including my kids at all ages, my mom, my in-laws, lovers.  I’ve traveled solo and with groups of people I’d never met before.  And I’ve traveled with good friends, [...]

PLOG – “Let’s Cruise Baby!”

The Paul Gauguin, in Tahiti

Have you ever been on a cruise?  Tell me about it!  How many days?  Large ship or small?  All inclusive or pay as you go? Did you see Penguins or Palm trees?  My first cruise was aboard the M/S Paul Gauguin (pictured here) which sails exclusively in Tahiti.  It was a small ship – 270 [...]

PLOG – “High School Reunions…”

McLane Alums - 30 years later

I just attended my high school reunion…30 years (shhh…don’t tell!) and I have to confess I had a BLAST!  I’ve heard and had mixed feelings on reunions…didn’t like number 10 so much, missed the 20 and 25.  Yet last month I went back to my hometown and reconnected with old friends and even made some [...]

PLOG – “Wishes in Italy”

The Trevi Fountain - Rome, Italy

Ahhh, Rome.  And one of the most famous and beautiful fountains in all the City, The Fontana di Trevi – or Trevi Fountain. Legend has it that if one makes a wish here, it will come true.  Throw in one coin and you are insured of returning to Rome, two coins and there is a marriage [...]

PLOG – “Sunsets”

  One of my favorite sunsets…from the back of the Celebrity Solstice as we sailed out of Barcelona, Spain. Tell me about your most memorable sunsets.  Where were they?  Were you alone or was it shared with someone special?  What do you think of when the sun goes down?  Do you make wishes or reflect? [...]