Chief Vagabond and Ink Spiller…

Ahhh, my favorite toy...NOW I remember...

Hi, my name is Allison Ratkovich, formerly known as Allison Farnsworth.  (I don’t believe in short family names…!)

Thank you for visiting “Where2Next?” – it’s nice to meet you!

So, who am I to suddenly one day up and start a new travel brand in the attempt to redefine travel?

That’s a great question!  And the answer lies in more about who I am than who I am not.



  • Passionate about Life.  All of it.
  • That woman who wants to stop and talk to everyone wherever I travel, curious and inquisitive, open-minded and non-judgmental.
  • Adventurous and game for new experiences.
  • A believer that travel makes me a better person and opens up the world in a way that helps me understand mine even better.
  • A writer at heart…always have been, always will be.  I just forgot that for about 25 years, and then one day in Bora Bora I had an “Ah Ha” moment and I remembered.  (Plus, my aunt sent me a picture of me as a child with one of my all-time favorite gifts…a typewriter.)


  • An expert, at any one thing.  There’s a saying for someone like me – I am a “Jack of all trades, Master of none” which I think makes me perfect to be the Chief Vagabond and Ink Spiller of this brand because it’s really about all things Life, not just one part or piece of it.
  • Professionally trained in travel.  I have worked in a hotel as the marketing gal, I have traveled with my family on many vacations for fun over the years, I read lots of travel magazines, articles and websites.  But my travels now are about a desire to immerse myself in the people, culture and lore of a place and share those stories through the written word. I am seeing much of the world for the first time, through fresh eyes.  I am not yet, nor hope I ever will be, jaded.  And I am finding these new, first travel experiences to be an incredible opportunity to grow, change for the better, to learn and develop an appreciation for our world and my place in it.  And ultimately, share it here, with you at “Where2Next?”
  • Independently wealthy.  I love where I am headed in my life, and this is my passion – creating this is visceral and I am following my dream, perhaps for the first time ever.  My wish is that this brand finds a partner, sponsor or home somewhere along this journey.

40 something years later...

ME IN A NUTSHELL… I hail from Colorado, though I grew up in California.  I am the mother of two grown college-age children, Stephen and Jessica who are the North Star in my life.  I have been doing something one way or another under the Marketing umbrella for 25 years, which all started when I graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a degree in Mass Communications/Public Relations.  I grew up an only child, a cheerleader and a classic over-achiever in high school to avoid the drama in my home life, so I loved school and every activity I could get myself into.  I love to be busy.  I never traveled until I married and never traveled alone until I divorced.  I love to travel solo or with friends or with a group – each one is a new experience to learn from.  For 20+ years I was terrified, to the point of needing medication, to get on an airplane.  No more!  Cured!  (Thanks Captain Karl, for all the years of unpaid counseling sessions!) I believe travel is more than planes, trains and automobiles.  Life is travel.  How we travel through Life is all about choice, and I choose love – fun – joy – passion – open mindedness – humor – possibility – kindness – positivity and faith as the filters for my Life. Life is short, so let’s enjoy the ride!