Life Travel – “Do You See Me…..Loving You?” A Eulogy

Patti, The Mother How do you describe the life of your mother?  How can one take half a century and put it into one tribute?  My memories, my impressions, my emotions and my love for my mother cannot be summarized as if writing a term paper on a book for school…they are the book.  And [...]

Life Travel – “Let’s Talk Relationships”

Del Mar with Corey Merchant

Lone Tree, Colorado Let’s start talking about traveling through life, which in my humble opinion is all about relationships and the choices we make.  Life is a journey, and my journey is so much about those I have loved and lost and those I love still.  I did not pack a suitcase for this next [...]

Life Travel – The Journey’s End…


Fresno, California This site is dedicated to celebrating the adage that “Life is a Journey, Not a Destination.”  It was created to bring the positive and inspiring journeys in our life into focus, whether we travel the world or just through this thing called Life.  I have shared both here, but this last year has [...]

World Travel – “I am The Special One so Get Out Of My Way!”

Bad, rude, angry travelers...go away!

Fresno, CA – Fresno Yosemite International Airport Let me put on my sarcastic hat for a moment and write to you from another perspective – indulge me please.  And after, please share your “Do you know who I am?!” travel moments.  How did you or a fellow traveler handle it?  How did it make you [...]

What’s New at W2N?! – “True That!”


I had a friend once – and damn I really miss her! – that always said “True That!” when one of Life’s truths just hit her square in the head.  And she was always right, and we either laughed or hung our jaws in awe of how flipping brilliant it was!  So here’s to a [...]

What’s New at W2N? – “Now That’s Funny!”

Fresno earthquake

Starting a new topic at Where2Next?!  Humor – perhaps one of the most powerful Life Journeys of all! By definition: hu?mor /hju:m?r/ noun 1.  a message whose ingenuity or verbal skill or incongruity has the power to evoke laughter           syn: wit, humour, witticism, wittiness 2. the trait of appreciating (and [...]

Life Travel – “A 28 Day Health & Fitness Journey…”

My 28 Day Program Journal...the writer in me loves this stuff!

Lone Tree, CO I don’t like making excuses, BUT…I realized last week that’s exactly what I’ve been doing with regard to my health & fitness regimen!  What used to be a staple in my life every day has now become a random, at best, activity.  So, the Universe brought me someone new and thanks to [...]

W2N? Check It Out! – “What Inspires You?”

Please tell!  What inspires you?

Lone Tree, Colorado Pop Quiz! I am always looking for the things in Life that inspire me.  Because, frankly, if I don’t all the negativity in the news, in our society, in random people in the mall…well, it has an impact and not a good one!  It’s not hard to find the things that are [...]

W2N? Check It Out! – Travel Tip Shared By Westin Hotels!

Westin FB

Lone Tree, CO Talk about a Facebook surprise!  Our travel tip made it to the top of the heap at Westin Hotels…Check it out!

Life Travel – My Falcon, a Lesson in Life, Love and Death

I don't know if she was a Falcon, but this wild bird was mine for a brief time...and she was beautiful.

Lone Tree, Colorado Sometimes the Universe knocks us off our axis just long enough to teach us a lesson.  That happened to me on a perfect Colorado day, and a wild bird of prey taught me several Life lessons as I hopefully gave her comfort as she breathed her last breath.   On such a [...]