PLOG – “Traveling Friends”

Mike & James in Santorini

    My high school friends, Mike Alvarez and James Acomb, in Santorini, Greece.  Thanks for sending in the great picture James! I’ve traveled with family, including my kids at all ages, my mom, my in-laws, lovers.  I’ve traveled solo and with groups of people I’d never met before.  And I’ve traveled with good friends, [...]

PLOG – “I fell in love…not with a who, but a where!”

Positano Street, Italy

    I fell in love in Italy.  Yea, yea, yea…I know – all those sexy Italian men!  Wrong!  I fell in love with a place – a beautiful, captivating, charming, sexy place.  In the middle of the Amalfi Coast is a little town built into the side of a mountain.  Positano.  It was love [...]

PLOG – “Crazy Tourist Scams!”


Look and Learn…as my friend Evonne said, we were “dumbasses” after this folly at the Coliseum in Rome, Italy.  These charming, assertive, energetic (Italian salesmen!) “Gladiators” offered to take our pictures with them in their garb as a memory of our trip to one of Rome’s most famous locations.  Naively we handed over our cameras [...]

World Travel – Rome, Italy – “An Amazing Roman Morning”

A dream day

Rome, Italy  After little sleep, I awoke to a hot summer morning and Rome waiting for me!  Finally, a dream come true and a packed day of ruins, crowds, crazy traffic, charming Italians, history and modern comforts and a thrown coin with a singular wish.  Join me for my amazing morning in Rome…. I feel [...]