World Travel – Grand Cayman – “Revisiting my youth with my Youth”

Epic Cayman

Caribbean, Grand Cayman – What We Did Into the ocean we went, met some really nice Stingrays, had a cold one where pirates used to tred and about killed myself on my jet ski!  All is a week’s work trying to keep up with my kids! Well, I didn’t go to Hell. In fact we [...]

Props Go To…Christina & Natasha, Billy Bones Pool Bar’s Best!

Natasha & Christina...they rock Billy Bones Pool Bar!  (OK, gentlemen, stop drooling now!)

Traveling is a lot about making memories, don’t you agree?  Well, lots of memories were made when I took my two grown (but not yet old enough to drink legally in the US) kids to Grand Cayman (where they were old enough to drink legally.)  The absolute best thing about our resort was that it [...]