PLOG – “Crazy Tourist Scams!”


Look and Learn…as my friend Evonne said, we were “dumbasses” after this folly at the Coliseum in Rome, Italy.  These charming, assertive, energetic (Italian salesmen!) “Gladiators” offered to take our pictures with them in their garb as a memory of our trip to one of Rome’s most famous locations.  Naively we handed over our cameras [...]

World Travel – Rocky Mountain National Park Hike – “Because It’s Hard!”

On top of the world!  We made it!  Estes Cone.

Estes Park, CO – Rocky Mountain National Park.  Fifth in a series of six articles. We were warned.  On Day One of my 42-mile hike, she told us.  Repeatedly.  ”Tomorrow’s the BIG day,” Phebe would say.  I was like, “yeah, yeah, yeah.”  So the Universe again smacked me and my attitude down and not only [...]

Props Go To…Christina & Natasha, Billy Bones Pool Bar’s Best!

Natasha & Christina...they rock Billy Bones Pool Bar!  (OK, gentlemen, stop drooling now!)

Traveling is a lot about making memories, don’t you agree?  Well, lots of memories were made when I took my two grown (but not yet old enough to drink legally in the US) kids to Grand Cayman (where they were old enough to drink legally.)  The absolute best thing about our resort was that it [...]

W2N? Check It Out! – Travel Tip Shared By Westin Hotels!

Westin FB

Lone Tree, CO Talk about a Facebook surprise!  Our travel tip made it to the top of the heap at Westin Hotels…Check it out!

World Travel – “I am The Special One so Get Out Of My Way!”

Bad, rude, angry travelers...go away!

Fresno, CA – Fresno Yosemite International Airport Let me put on my sarcastic hat for a moment and write to you from another perspective – indulge me please.  And after, please share your “Do you know who I am?!” travel moments.  How did you or a fellow traveler handle it?  How did it make you [...]