W2N? Check It Out! – New Message Boards and Topics!

Lone Tree, CO

Let’s Talk!!

Thanks to JEMSU, my awesome new web developers, W2N? has a new message board format.  Thank you Josh and Gus!







Four categories have been created:

  •  World Travel Topics – We packed a suitcase and went somewhere and now we want to share
  • Life Travel Topics – I’m on this journey too, so let’s talk about life
  • Fan Favorites – Your place to tell us all your favorites.  The sky’s the limit!
  • And Everything Else – A place for random thoughts and topics!

There are new topics to get things started…so we hope you’ll join in or start your own discussion.  Because the program is a new one, we ask that you register for the boards…my apologies if you have done so in the past as you will have to repeat the registration process.   Such is the life of progress!  Thank you for your patience and we do hope you will enjoy participating in the W2N? dialogue!

Express Yourself!