Been to New Zealand wineries? Tell all!

Tell me what you know about New Zealand!

I am a HUGE fan of Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc…so much so I’m sure I’ve funded a wing at the  winery!  So I’m thinking about flying over the big blue ocean – all 14 fun-filled hours on a big plane – and would love to hear from those of you who’ve been there.  Where should I go?  Suggestions?  Restaurants?  Inns?

Tell me what you know!


  1. Hey Kid, way to go, looks very nice, and it is most interesting. Did not know
    you were such a world traveler.
    This, your web-page, and later this year, Cssey starts her program, darn, should
    get one going for me Ha. anyway great job and hope it grows and grows for you.
    Take care

  2. dhenwines says:

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