On My Honor

When I started writing I made a few promises to myself:

1) I will not disparage anyone. It serves no purpose.  I will be honest about my experiences, good and bad…but in a kind way.

2) I will not share personal stories people have trusted to me in secret. Those stories belong to them and they get to choose when and with whom to share them – they are not my stories to tell.

3) I will share the beauty and truth that I see and feel, and it will be my story as seen through my eyes. We are all the authors of our own life, and until someone asks me to write their story I am only qualified to write my own for now.

When I started this brand I made a few MORE promises to myself:

1) It will not be all about me – it will be bigger…it will be about us.

2) It will be about creating a community of people who believe in the journey, and starting a conversation in support of that belief and each other.

3) It will tackle redefining travel in a fun, positive way and strive to provide insight and inspiration from the shared experiences of a community.

Cross my heart...

“Where2Next?” will be about honesty, humor and humility.  I don’t know everything, or pretend to be right and all knowing…but I know I enjoy the learning process of the journey I am on and welcome your feedback and insights.  You are my teachers, advisors, counselors and I promise to listen, always, to what you have to say.

These are the things you can count on from “Where2Next?”

On my honor…