On A Mission

“Where2Next?” is a brand dedicated to travel, but not just the kind of travel where we pack a bag and head to a different place.  It’s not just about vacations and get-aways.  You will find them here, but you will also find a different kind of travel experience.  You will find a conversation about the traveling we all do every day, through the many boulevards and back roads of our lives.

The mission is simple – to redefine how we look at travel and to encourage a new and unique conversation about it.  To tell the stories of a place, to discover what makes a place and the people in it tick.  And to learn from each other’s travels through all things called Life, through the telling of our own stories, thoughts, ideas, missteps and successes.  To escape our own spot on the globe, either literally or vicariously, and allow ourselves to grow in our understanding of the many ways people all over the world make Life work. Maybe you can travel the world or maybe you can only make it to the town down the road – whatever your resources I hope you will be inspired to just get out and travel this world of ours.  And then come back here where we can live through our shared experiences of the places we’ve been and the places we’re headed to.

Our lives are a journey and I believe how we filter life makes a difference – I choose to filter mine now with love, honesty, discretion and humility.  Throw in a little humor and perhaps it will bring a smile to someone as well as maybe some perspective and understanding that wasn’t there before.

And perhaps, it will do the same for me as well.

Like it or not, we are all on this journey together.  We travel through time and distance; relationships, emotions, stages of life; celebrations, tragedies and change.  This site is dedicated to those of us who believe that life is a journey, not a destination.

Let’s travel this path together, shall we?