Life Travel – “How exactly do I thank you?”

Lone Tree, Colorado

Overwhelmed.  In a word, that is how I felt.  More than 90 people came to the launch of this little idea of mine, and thanks to their support it gave that little idea wings.  The event was infused with family, laughter provided by funny man Sam Adams, food, drinks, dancing and the camraderie of some very great friends.  

Do you have YOUR funglasses??

I raised my kids from the time they could talk to say “thank you.”  I think they are two powerful words when used together and backed up with sincerity.  ”Please” is right up there, but “thank” and “you” does more than express an appreciation – those words can lift people up, make them feel good and inspire them to continue to do for others.  It’s a feel-good thing and an important one when someone, or in this case 90+ someones, do something extraordinary for you.

With my high school friends, Betsy McFarland & Tom Alfaro

I just don’t know how to make “thank” and “you” big enough to really reflect my appreciation for the support, the fun, the questions, the great feedback and most of all the love that was brought to the launch of this website.  There were old friends, including a high school friend Betsy McFarland, who flew in from Fresno just for this event.  This was the third time I’ve seen her in 30 years.  My friend Linda flew in for one night from Arizona and together with her friends Brooks and Elgin, picked up Betsy (everyone meeting her for the first time,) entertained her and all came to the party together!

Friends from my old neighborhood were there – many members of “My Posse” filled the room, my mentor and friend Sam Adams provided the comedy and served as the Master of Ceremonies. And there were new friends – people I met along the way getting ready for this event – including Sharon who helped me shop for shoes and Stephanie and Nick, two of the nicest people I’ve ever met who helped me slim down to fit in that dress!

My wonderful greeters!

A dozen friends of my children donned “Where2Next?” tshirts and served as greeters and hosts – and all of this was coordinated by my pseudo daughter Amanda Zeuli. My uncle Robert Frost and his buddy Rhea Ribby were there from Texas, and my cousin Jennifer drove up from Colorado Springs. My Life Coach, Cam Vuksinich was there and I think a bit surprised that I was no longer that crying, crazy woman who used to sit in her office every two weeks.  Friends from the gym, including my trainer Sally Connelly and BF Scott Russell came along for the ride and brought some of their friends along too.  Friends from Facebook who I had never met showed up, as did some of my Kappa Alpha Theta sisters — Allison & Stacey.

With Paula & Les Shapiro

People who helped me get to this event, such as Paula Shapiro who did all the promotional items and her husband Les – and Jon Camrud, who was the genius behind building this site, were present to help me take down the countdown and show this side of my soul to the world.





With my someone special – Corey Merchant

And all night I wore a special bracelet, with a blue star on it, that was gifted to me just before the event by an amazing man in my life.  My boyfriend, who lives out of state, was a solid show of support and love.  He has put up with me through this process, encouraged me when I second guessed myself, proofread when I’m sure it was the last thing he wanted to do, let me cry, let me boast, let me be completely psycho and all the while calmly loving me through this.  One of my favorite quotes is ” I don’t wish to be everything to everyone, but I would like to be something to someone.”  Thank you, my Corey, for the gift of being that something to someone…you.

But one of the biggest honors of the event was the involvement of my children.  Stephen, who is an amazing DJ with a great taste for music, provided the tunes and the dance music and my Jessica, a certified professional photographer, captured the event in beautiful detail.  Perhaps the most poignent moment and undoubtedly the happiest moment of the evening for me came when I had my kids and the dance floor all to myself.  Their support was off-the-charts and I feel truly humbled and thankful for these two caring, kind, talented, loving people in my life.  How I got to be so lucky as to be their Mom is a mystery to me.

Dancing with my kids – a happy moment!

So, how exactly do I thank you all?  My friends, my family, my love?  I don’t think I will ever be able to do that.  I don’t think I will ever be that good of a writer to find the perfect words to do justice to the gratitude and appreciation I have for all of you. You, who lifted me up as I took the long walk out on a risky limb.

I hope these words will do…

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.  I love you.





  1. Paula Shapiro says:

    Allison, thank you for your loving acknowledgment. I appreciate you.

  2. Webmaster says:

    I think you did an excellent job of expressing your thanks! Let me take this opportunity to thank you for bringing me along on the ride. I’ve never been part of such a fun launch of a website. It is all the more gratifying when I see how much my work means, and how much the product of that work means to my client!

    All the best,
    Jon Camrud

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