Life Travel – “A 28 Day Health & Fitness Journey…”

Lone Tree, CO

I don’t like making excuses, BUT…I realized last week that’s exactly what I’ve been doing with regard to my health & fitness regimen!  What used to be a staple in my life every day has now become a random, at best, activity.  So, the Universe brought me someone new and thanks to my Health Coach Nicole Rueth with ActiveWellness, I’m getting back on track.  Her program impressed me so much I have started today with a 5 day Reset detox and cleanse.  Can you say shakes and bars?!  5 days baby….I’ll keep you posted!

My 28 Day Program Journal…the writer in me loves this stuff!

Nicole’s program is based on the glycemic index of foods, and creating a program that levels out your blood sugar while providing balanced, healthy foods.  The 28 days starts with a 5 day “reset” phase.  I’m excited, because it symbolizes my desire to not only reset my fitness life, but other areas in my life as well.  After day 5 I can actually start eating store-bought food (yay!) but so far the shakes and bars are yummy.  And it’s giving me a reason, not an excuse, to hit the gym again and find that endorphin addiction that I’ve lost along the way.

So wish me luck – weight loss is just one of many goals with this program.  And if you’re interested, check out Nicole’s site BeActiveWellness.  She’s awesome and her program is based on solid nutrition principles and balanced fitness philosophies.

I’m not getting any younger, but I’m sure as Hell gonna fight the aging thing every step of the way!  I like being active and feeling good -

So, no more excuses!  28 days and counting….


  1. Kathy says:

    Remember to add good FOOD to the regimen and don’t forget that good ole Food Pyramid is still the best medicine. Too bad it does not include chips and salsa.

    • Corey says:

      Interesting to hear your optimism at the onset of the program.
      Maybe there is an article in that lesson — no shortcuts to sustained health.
      Keep up the good work.

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