World Travel – Tahiti – “Bora Bora…Bring on the Fun!”

Bora Bora, Tahiti – Day 4

Two words…JET SKIING!  I got to be a kid again in the perfect waters of Bora Bora and at the pool on the ship with my new pals.  I dined at the famed Bloody Mary’s Restaurant and ended a perfectly fun day at the nightclub – now this is what a vacation is about!

Sunrise over Bora Bora

Wow – what a difference a great night’s sleep makes!  I woke up and when I opened my blinds the sun was shining, the weather perfect and the view from my balcony of Bora Bora’s tall and majestic mountain right outside my stateroom made my gasp.  I gathered my things for my excursion today, had breakfast and met my group in the Grande Salon at 8:15.  Today I am going to go on a waverunner excursion around the island.  To my pleasant surprise, I am going with Dr. Carl and Lindsay.  We took the tender into Bora Bora where we were picked up by the local vendor and driven to Matira Beach for our departure.

This was the MOST fun!!

There are definitely advantages to traveling solo!  I had my own waverunner – which was too cool for words.  We were given our instructions by our local guide, got on our waverunners and departed the cove.  This experience was different from anything I’ve ever done with regard to riding a waverunner in the ocean or lagoon.  The only real rules were that we had to stay in a line behind the guide and stay a certain distance behind each other.  But we could stand, we could play, we could spin, we could jump each other’s wakes.  And we did!!  It was an incredible way to see this gorgeous island! We did hit a pocket of rain, which is the only time I realized I wasn’t smiling because it was like being hit by little pellets.  Thankfully that was short-lived.

The Feast...

We took a brief break to get the feeling back in our hands after getting half-way around the island, then headed for our little private beach.  There, we watched in amazement as our guide gathered  coconut, fresh grapefruit and bananas from around the hut for our snack.  He used native tools, including a stone tool to shred the coconut to prepare the table.  It included fresh grapefruit, bananas and shaved coconut.  You put the coconut between the banana halves and you have what they call the “Polynesian Hot Dog!”  We hung out around the beach for a bit before hitting the water again and finishing our tour around the island.  I wish my kids could have done this with me – I have no doubt they would have found this to be the highlight of any trip.  I could have done this all day long!

After returning to the ship – I met Mel for lunch and then relaxed by the pool for the afternoon.  We met some really fun ladies, also from California (sisters) and we are all reserved to go to the local hot spot on the Island – Bloody Mary’s- for dinner and drinks after pool time. 

The evening at Bloody Mary's

After cleaning up and a few cocktails on the pool deck, we met to take the tender to the pier at Bloody Mary’s, a restaurant known for hosting famous rock stars and celebrities over the years – one of the “don’t miss” places in French Polynesia…or so we heard.  It was a beautiful night and it felt like the stars were so close you could touch them – a nearly full moon lit up the dark ocean for our ride to the pier.  Once we got there I was slightly disappointed as Bloody Mary’s, it turns out, is no longer locally owned.  It is in fact owned by a man who lives in Arizona!  Needless to say, it was quite Americanized, rather than the local Polynesian experience we were all expecting.  The decor was overdone Polynesian down to the soft sand on the floor.  We sat on hard little stools, so not the height of comfort. That said, it was a very enjoyable evening.  They do not give you menus, but rather take you to a presentation of the day’s catch and preparations.  You order an entrée (in French Polynesia that’s an appetizer) and a main course.  I had shrimp skewers and then a fabulous Ono for dinner.  More than enough food!  I dined with Dr. Carl and Lindsay and a newlywed couple, Megan and Matt.  OK, here’s the thing – Dr. Carl and I are about the same age, the rest of the table not even close.  And I think poor Megan and Matt would have appreciated someone at their table who was not so recently uncoupled as they just tied the knot on the 11th of June!  Geez, I hope that’s not bad luck or something!  So, despite the company of very lovely, very nice people I was a bit of the odd ball out.  We finished dinner and got on the tender back to the ship, where I met Mel for a couple of drinks at La Palette (the nightclub) and finally climbed in to bed, exhausted but very happy!

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