Life Travels

“Let’s Talk Relationships”

Let’s start talking about traveling through life, which in my humble opinion is all about relationships and the choices we make.  Life is a journey, and my journey is so much about those I have loved and lost and those I love still.  I did not pack a suitcase for this next series of trips.  Instead I have unpacked the experiences both old and new as I travel through this thing called life…

“And They’re Back!”

Oh, the joy of reconnecting with people we thought we lost!  It seems I am in a time-warp  – I am happily welcoming back old friends….

“Mean People”

This blog was created to be a place of love, joy, travel, friendship and a positive place for life’s experiences.  I had no idea that you, you mean, vindictive people out there would take such a thing and twist it to hurt good and noble people.  People I love.

“Ok, So Now We Move On…”

Post rant – finding a way to heal.  It’s a choice and I am following the words of my favorite singer/songwriter and the beauty of Estes Park to make my way back…

“Emotional Vomit”

Ok, I know, icky title.  But sometimes, letting go of those bad emotions is exactly what we need to be healthier, happier people…

“My Posse”

My Posse – it’s big, bold, beautiful and full of Life’s blessings.  Because of them, I know I will be ok.  This is dedicated to the amazing women in my life, whose friendships have paved the path of life that I travel on daily.

“A Celebration”

I am trying to really get my head around 90 years…of anything, but especially a life lived.  Family is a funny thing – and we gathered together after 21 years apart to celebrate an incredible woman.  Her story and the family she forged is worth the telling…


I like to think of us all as the new and improved version of a family I once knew, and I couldn’t be prouder or more pleasantly surprised at the new make up of my family. I think SURPRISE was the theme of this weekend, and not just those that were in store for the 90-year-old birthday girl.  But for all of us, each in our own personal ways.