Links I Like

Here are some links to my favorite travel sites, articles, etc. Also, look for more links in my articles and blog entries. Enjoy!

Oprah Winfrey Network – Simply fearless…

Laws of Modern Woman – sheer perfection!

The Travel Channel - love the show and the site!

Conde Nast Traveler - fun site!  I joined the Navigator Panel and am having a ball figuring it all out!

Google Translate - the more I travel Internationally, the more I use this!  Especially on FB posts! - I won’t admit my hearing is going bad, but this site definitely comes in handier the older I get.

Trip Advisor -the best advice site in my humble opinion.  Stocked full of information, plus I love the Places I’ve Been App.

KAYAK - I always start here…

USA TODAY - great overall news source in addition to my local news and RSS feeds.

Psychology Today - lots of helpful insight on Life Travel, which doesn’t always have to be negative, heavy and life-threatening.  This site is very well balanced…

WordPress - started the Blog there, built the Website there.  Guess you can say we’re married…

Tapestry Homes - a life-changing charity started and operated by my cousin Cliff and his wife Rose.  Check it out and please support!

Olivia’s Wish - dedicated to Olivia Medici, the beautiful daughter of friends whose short life left such an impact.

Melting Hearts - yep, sunglasses!  Get some and start “melting hearts!” (You can thank me later Jesse!)

Paul Gauguin Cruises - small, luxury, all-inclusive cruise ship built to sail the Tahitian Islands year-round.  If you like to cruise and you like Paradise, then put this top of your list!

Celebrity Cruises - outstanding all around!  I sailed on the Solstice to the Mediterranean and would do it all again every day and twice on Sunday!