Props Go To…Milt Swope

With "Dad" in Holland

I can blame him for doing this to me, but really he deserves all the credit in the world!

Milt Swope, CEO of Swope Travel Consultants Ltd., helped get me started on the path to the birth of this brand and my life’s passion.  I met Milt on my first ever solo vacation and cruise in Tahiti.  He was traveling with his daughter Melanie who has become a dear friend and with whom I travel quite frequently.  Milt brought the opportunity to me to travel to Holland, honestly a place I wouldn’t have thought of off the top of my head.  It turned out to be one of my favorite destinations and a trip that left me thirsty to learn more about the world I live in.

I affectionatly call him “Dad” because he takes such good care of me.  He has been in the Travel Services business for 43+ years and has traveled the globe multiple times.  Just to visit with him is a history and cultural lesson of the many out-of-the-way places he has been on this Earth of ours.  He is the first person I go to for advice now on my travels.  Thanks to his meticulous planning and vast knowledge of Europe, he planned every last detail for my recent cruise to the Mediterranean with Melanie and my two new friends, Elena and Evonne.  He not only knows what he’s doing, but his advice is gold as he has personally experienced every corner of the Earth.

Looking for the best Travel Advisor in the biz?  Contact me for Milt’s information - you won’t go wrong!



Specific people along the way have made my travels memorable. They may have been helpful beyond expectation, or they may have just been inspiring for who they are. This section of the site is dedicated to those people.

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