Props Go To…Phil Long

With my good friend Phil Long

For the past 15 years, Phil Long – the managing partner and the draw at The Red Lion in Vail, Colorado – has always gone above and beyond the call of duty.

In my prior life, as a marketing person for our family business, we ran a conference in Vail for the newspaper industry.  And every year we were in Vail, on a quiet Tuesday night Phil would leave the comfort of his home and come to The Red Lion and perform for our crowd.  He didn’t have to, it was a night off.  But he did, and over the years not only was a great friendship established, but our conference attendees looked to Tuesday night with Phil as an expected part of the program.  Phil never disappointed.  Many of our clients and guests left with great memories – of Phil singing the same songs, making the same jokes about  his hair and the attire of some of the men (hahaha!) – making our friends and clients feel important.

Phil does this on a regular basis at The Red Lion.  At every performance, which is daily during winter and weekends during summer, he makes every one who steps in to The Red Lion feel like an old friend, back for a visit.  He comments on the pretty girls, he buys shots for the regulars, he involves you in the show.  He has a way of making it all personal – and people leave happy, anticipating their next trip to Vail and the great vibe that is The Red Lion.

So, if you are in Vail, don’t miss it.  He likes Jagermeister, and he’s quick witted so be prepared.  If you can sing, he’ll let you join in.  And if you can’t, there’s always the tambourine.

Thank you Phil, for all you’ve done over the years.  And for going a step beyond and making our conference and the visits of everyone to The Red Lion special…memorable…fun.

W2N looks forward to many more years of a great friendship!


Specific people along the way have made my travels memorable. They may have been helpful beyond expectation, or they may have just been inspiring for who they are. This section of the site is dedicated to those people.


  1. Phil Long says:


    You are so sweet to include me in your wonderful website of travel info. If I can ever do anything for you don’t hesitate to ask.

    Hope to see you soon


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