Props Go To…Sam Adams

My friend Sam

Drumroll please…and a big round of applause to SAM ADAMS!

Sam is a funny, up-and-coming comedian on the Comedy Works circuit here in Denver as well as across the country.  I met Sam one night at Comedy Works South.  He had opened for the headliner that night, and I found him to be the funniest comic of the evening!  He also made mention that he used to write for the Rocky Mountain News in their Sports Department.  Having a few friends who also used to work at the Rocky provided a fun conversation after the show when Sam was out in the lobby collecting donations for their sponsored charity.  That conversation was the start of a great friendship.  When I decided to change my life and put on a writer’s hat, Sam was the first person I called.  Over lunch, he was the one who made me say “I am a writer,” rather than “I want to be a writer.”  He drove the point home, we are who we say we are.  Since that day he has been my friend, my mentor, my advisor and the comic relief when I have those “what the hell am I doing?” moments!  My friend Sam believed in me and helped me believe in myself.

So, go to your computer, bookmark Sam Adams and Comedy Works.  And the next time Sam is headlining I hope you will join me for a night of guaranteed laughter with a man who is as good a soul as he is talented and funny.  I am proud to call him my friend.




Specific people along the way have made my travels memorable. They may have been helpful beyond expectation, or they may have just been inspiring for who they are. This section of the site is dedicated to those people.


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