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  1. Bev Perry says:

    Allison, I have enjoyed your articles so much! Thank you for inspiring so many of us!!

    • Allison says:


      Thank you for that…it’s the encouragement of friends that keeps me going!

      I hope you and that beautiful family are doing great…and hope our paths cross soon, I would love to see you!



    • Vera Gandy says:

      Allison, thanks for your inspiring story. It is wonderful to hear about a man that I knew as a boy in school and what he has done with his life. I have often thought about him because he sat next to me in English class and at an early age he was a protecting and caring person then. He made an impression on me that has stayed with me thru my entire life, he would come to my rescue when a teacher would take out her flustrations on me in class.
      I will always remember how he was there when I needed someone to help me.
      Thanks Wyatt for helping others and making a statement in this World we live in.
      Vera White Gandy

  2. webmaster2 says:

    Thanks for the shoutout Allison! We’re working hard to make your site even more awesome!

    Have a Great Weekend!

    Josh & The JEMSU™ Creative Team

  3. Kesha Barnes says:

    Hi Allison,

    I love your Pinterest boards so much that I somehow managed to find my way to your blog. I just started reading, but I think this site is awesome! I would love to travel more, but being a single mom with three little ones makes it a little more challenging. So, for now I will have to live vicariously through you!

    I swear your pins make me think we would be fast friends :) I look forward to reading more about your wonderful journey!


    • Allison says:

      Hi Kesha!

      How funny – I love your pins too! I think we’ve repined each other so much it’s safe to say we are friends!

      Thank you so much for visiting the site. It’s under some construction – new developer with great ideas – and all the new changes should be done by mid week. Let me know what you think – I’m always open to suggestions. I hope you will sign up for e-updates. I only do an RSS feed once a week, so it’s not overwhelming. And tell all your friends about it! I need numbers, LOL!

      Three little ones – God bless you. I’ve raised two and my ex was gone A LOT so I know how trying it can be at times, so hang in there. Since my site is about all things travel, I’m thinking an article on single motherhood would be a great addition. Perhaps I can interview you?!

      Thanks for the shout and I’m sure I will see you on Pinterest! And thanks for liking my site – it’s been a passion, an idea I’ve wanted to create for a long time.

      Take care,


  4. John Gotham says:

    Stumbled across your website and really enjoy some of the articles. You should have a look at our blog, my wife’s writing mostly, which is all about our travels with 4 kids for the last few years around Europe. I think she’s hilarious and I’m sure you will too!


  5. les says:

    Hi Allison: I own a small travel company in Canada. My company’s slogan is “where to next” and Im just wondering if you would consider selling me where2next.com? I would willing to pay $500 for it.


    • Allison says:

      Hi Les,

      I am in the process of rebranding my site to become a content marketing service to the travel and hospitality industries, so I am not interested in selling Where2Next? I also have the URL paid for through 2025. I’ve invested not only a lot of money (I paid $2k to purchase the url alone) but my time, passion, heart, and joy into it as well.

      Best of luck with your travel company. Please keep me in mind if you need any content services!


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