PLOG – “Wishes in Italy”

The Trevi Fountain - Rome, Italy

Ahhh, Rome.  And one of the most famous and beautiful fountains in all the City, The Fontana di Trevi – or Trevi Fountain.

Legend has it that if one makes a wish here, it will come true.  Throw in one coin and you are insured of returning to Rome, two coins and there is a marriage in your future.  Three coins, however, will bring about a divorce or breakup.  Don’t forget to throw them over your right shoulder, as tradition dictates.  Plus, you can get really great pictures of you in front of the Fountain that way!

Have you been there?  Did you throw a coin(s)?  I did.  I’ll tell, if you tell!!



  1. Linda Ford says:

    Loved Rome but I must say, don’t miss Florence. Ahh – Florence.

  2. Linda Ford says:

    … hindsight’s 20/20.
    To clarify: You shouldn’t miss Florence. It’s wonderful! Romantic, artsy, local, great food. I loved Florence.

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