PLOG – Can You Guess?

Do you know where this is?

Quiz time!  Put your pencils away and put on your thinking caps!  Where do you think this picture was taken?   A few clues – this area of the world is known not for its mass transportation but for its cycling obsession.  Another clue – check out the street.  And your last clue – I fell in love here…

Look forward to your comments!  Oh, and Melanie, you are not allowed to guess cause you were with me!!



  1. Melanie Reibin says:

    Oh Damn it! I know exactly where it is down to practically the street it’s on. Come on please, let me tell !!!! If no one gets it, I win!

  2. Kesha Barnes says:


  3. Michael Lee says:

    Holland, Delft ?

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