PLOG – “Crazy Tourist Scams!”

Look and Learn…as my friend Evonne said, we were “dumbasses” after this folly at the Coliseum in Rome, Italy.  These charming, assertive, energetic (Italian salesmen!) “Gladiators” offered to take our pictures with them in their garb as a memory of our trip to one of Rome’s most famous locations.  Naively we handed over our cameras and all got pictures – we got our cameras back after we each paid 5 euros a piece…yep, we paid to have to have pictures taken with our own cameras!  I think Evonne was right….and we learned a quick lesson about ridiculous tourist scams and I’m happy to report it didn’t happen again on that trip!

Tell us, have you fallen into a tourist scam trap?  Don’t be embarrassed, it happens to everyone…and you’ve just got learn and then laugh!  Please share – together we can avoid this in other locations and never be “dumbasses” again!





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