PLOG – “Facing Fears”

We all have fears…it’s part of being human.  One of mine is a fear of heights, so I did something I thought I would never do.  I climbed a 40+ foot pole and stepped off the platform and zip-lined to a new understanding.  I learned not only that overcoming my fear is a process – and this zip line was a first step – but I also learned about trust again, an unexpected bonus. It was crazy, and thrilling, and awakening.  I even zipped upside down (yes, that’s me there, the big chicken!)

How have you overcome your fears?  Was it a one-time prescription or are you in the process like I am?  What other insights did you learn along the way?

Ohhh, and if you haven’t ever zip-lined before I highly recommend it!  It’s a total blast!




  1. Nancy Cook says:

    You very simply amaze me!!

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