PLOG – “I fell in love…not with a who, but a where!”



I fell in love in Italy.  Yea, yea, yea…I know – all those sexy Italian men!  Wrong!  I fell in love with a place – a beautiful, captivating, charming, sexy place.  In the middle of the Amalfi Coast is a little town built into the side of a mountain.  Positano.  It was love at first sight, and as I walked the bougainvillea covered streets down the mountain to the beach, I fell deeper in love with each step.  The narrow streets were full of fun surprises tucked away around each new bend – hotels, restaurants, shops, bakeries selling lemon tarts and amazing pastries, art studios and dream homes.  The beach, lined with restaurants and shops, boasted muli-colored umbrellas shading beautiful Italians from the summer heat. I wanted to rent a room right then and there and stay a while, and just drink in the spirit of this beautiful place.  I was intoxicated with Positano in just a few short hours!

Have you ever fallen head over heels for a PLACE?  Where was it?  What captured your heart and your imagination?  Would you just want to visit the place you love or would you pull up stakes and move there, even for a while?

Send pics of your loved one!  Let’s gossip a little about these places that captured our fancy!



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