PLOG – “Proud Patriots”

Was proud to be here

9/11…as Americans we can all remember where we were, what we were doing and what we felt when our country was so brutally attacked.  Our patriotism was suddenly on display again, united and determined.  We have a lot of patriotic symbols and places in this country of ours…one of my favorites is the 9/11 Memorial in New York, which is still under construction.  It not only reminded me of the sheer magnitude of the loss from that day, but how it equalized us as a nation…putting differences aside even if for a temporary moment in our history.  Have you been to Ground Zero?  Tell me about YOUR experience.

I have lots of other favorites too – New York is full of them!  The Empire State Building, Grand Central Station…and there are so many more over our vast country.  What’s in your neck of the woods, or one of your favorites elsewhere, that stirs your patriotic passions?  Fess up, it’s ok – in honor of our Independence Day let’s once again all be Proud Patriots.

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