Funglasses – Hiking Junkies in Colorado!

Phebe, Katherine, Kris and Vicki bringing the fun hiking through Rocky Mountain National Park.

New members of the Funglasses Brigade – Phebe Novic, Katherine & Kris Komarnitsky and Victoria Pardee – getting ready to take their first steps on a 3 day, 42 mile hike through Rocky Mountain National Park.  Phebe is both the owner and guide of Footpaths of the World and the leader in “inn-to-inn” hikes all over the globe.  The Komarnitsky’s hail from Utah and Victoria from Chicago…and along with Allison at “Where2Next?” had the good fortune to hike the Walter Tishma Way through the Rocky.  Fast friendships were formed, challenges overcome, a birthday celebrated (yay Katherine!) and a phenomenal hiking experience was had by all!

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