What’s New at W2N?! – “True That!”

I had a friend once – and damn I really miss her! – that always said “True That!” when one of Life’s truths just hit her square in the head.  And she was always right, and we either laughed or hung our jaws in awe of how flipping brilliant it was!  So here’s to a new category called “True That!” – dedicated to all that is in-your-face TRUE in Life!

Please feel free to contribute by sending your “True That!”isms to TT! and we’ll post them here!











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  1. John Coyle says:

    Awesome :)

  2. Ruth Ann Roth says:

    This is alway’s what I said to my father when he was Ill…Everyday is a gift…But sometimes it’s not up to us how it is unwrapped …So enjoy each moment…even if it sucks…..

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